6 Ways to Know If Your Hair Stylist is a Keeper

Truthfully if it’s not what you want in three visits with your stylist it’s not getting any better, there may be some miscommunication between you and your stylist. Here are some things to think about when explaining what kind of hairstyle and color you would like to obtain from them:

What do you want?

Is the style you want something that is feasible? Do you have the right thickness, texture and so on for the cut that you are thinking of getting done? If you are admiring a short style that is wavy and you have fine straight hair then the hair cut is not going to work on you, and we simply can’t cut straight hair wavy. Look for styles that have the same hair texture you do.

What kind of hair does your stylist do best?

Find a stylist that loves doing your hair! Some stylists may specialize in long hair, but you may need some one that is amazing at cutting short hair. Some stylists only do color and some are just cutters, we all have specialties and most of the time we specialize in what we as stylist like doing the most. I for example love blow drying wavy hair straight and flat ironing it among many other things, I know of quite a few stylist that hate providing that service, we all can’t be amazing at everything. Find out what your stylist loves to do and you will find her specialty.

I’ll have what the model is having!

If you want your hair to look like something out of the latest magazine then please remember that it takes lots of time and beauty professionals to get the latest star camera ready. Even if the photos look like the model has a wash and wear style, she doesn’t plain and simple.

1) There is a professional hairstylist and make up artist on set.

2) There is a lot of money involved for the image of the model and what the model is selling.

3) It takes them at least 2 hrs. to get her to look like that. Sorry but, you do have to style your hair if you want certain looks. This means with a blow dryer and a brush maybe some hair product, an iron whatever it was that the stylist used on you. If your stylist took 30 min (average blow dry time) it will more than likely take you 45 Min’s to an hour at home. Always ask if the style you want is a style you will have the time and patience to do at home. A good stylist will help to explain how you can achieve the look at home they should be teaching you how to maintain your look, if you look good we look great!

What is your version?

Are you being clear when you are speaking to your stylist? Make sure your version and your stylists version of what you want is the same. I had a client that wanted “that really bright red hair” I was thinking a fire engine is really bright and my client pointed to a vibrant and rich cinnamon color, we both had a laugh and she thanked me for asking her to point the color out for me. When you are describing a hair cut make sure you know what it is that you are describing, a client of mine once wanted the triangle thing’s on the sides (meaning layers) I got it right but it took some time to figure it out. Pictures are great to bring in and we can tell you if it will look good on you or not.

What time is it?

This brings me to the topic of time: sometimes we run behind and sometimes you are late it is give and take (hopefully not anything ridiculous like an hour that is just disrespectful) but it does no good to huff and puff believe me when we are running behind, your appointment is all that is on our mind. An apology is always nice from either party. Your stylist should give you a realistic estimate on how behind they are.

Don’t be scared!

I have had many first time clients that were down right scared to have their hair done, because their last stylist had given them a bad cut, or fried their hair and they were traumatized. We all have a bad hair story even us stylists! However, try not to be overly nervous, mentioning that you are is fine, however biting your finger and toenails are not, now you are getting your stylist nervous and they have the scissors.