Kangaroo Keeper Review – Is it the Best Way to Keep Your Purse Organized?

Does the sight of your clumsy and ill-organised purse disturb you? If yes, then the Kangaroo Keeper might just be what you are looking for. The Kangaroo Keeper is an amazing purse organiser that can be placed in bags of various shapes and sizes, and will keep your bag clean and tidy. It can hold nearly 70 items from the smallest of hair pins to books or diaries to water bottles etc. The best part about the Kangaroo Keeper is that it can fit in any bag, small or big.

Buying bags and purses of different sizes, shapes and colors is one guilty pleasure most women like to indulge in. In fact, most women would probably say that their purse collection is the most precious part of their wardrobe, along with being their favorite accessory. But with so many purses, there is always the problem of transferring the contents from one bag to another. This can be especially cumbersome when you are in the habit of using different bags every day. Moreover, you might miss out on some essential thing like your hair brush or lip gel and regret it later. The Kangaroo Keeper comes in very handy in such situations. With a Kangaroo Keeper you don’t have to shift individual contents, rather you can just transfer the Keeper itself which already carries all your stuff.

Many women are also in the habit of carrying everything from their make-up kit to their organizer in their bags. This ends up giving the bag a bulky look and diminishes its aesthetic appeal. This Keeper is ideal for such women as it helps you to carry as much stuff as you want without making the bag look bulky or destroying its texture and shape. The Keeper comes with a set of extendable flaps which can be opened outwards to increase its size. So, you can put almost anything in there.

A lot of women often complain that they can never find what they are looking for in their bags. This is because most of the purses do not have separate pockets. The Kangaroo Keeper has many divisions of different sizes which can accommodate your things. It also has space for your important cards and documents so that you don’t end up losing them.

The Kangaroo Keeper is available in different sizes to fit bags of different styles and shapes, and the prices vary accordingly. A medium size keeper costs just $19.95 and serves multiple functions – a ridiculously low price when you consider the benefits.

What To Do With the “Non-Keepers”

One of the most important parts of organizing is the elimination process–deciding what you need and what you don’t need and then disposing of the unneeded properly. The items you need will go back in the space you are organizing, but what are you going to do with discarded items? Toss them in the trash? Recycle them? Donate them to a local non-profit organization? Take them to a resale shop? All of the aforementioned actions are possibilities, so read below to find out which one is best for you and the space you are organizing:

Toss – Any item that cannot be of use to someone else should be tossed or recycled. For instance, any items that are torn, broken, or stained would probably need to be tossed or recycled. Call your local recycling center to see what products they accept for recycling. If, however, the space you are organizing doesn’t contain any items suitable for recycling…consider the next step.

Donate – There are many non-profit organizations in your area that accept home and office furnishings such as towels, clothing, and equipment as donations. Call your favorite one to request a list of items they are accepting for donation right now. Just remember, that if any item is broken or torn beyond repair, it might not benefit the organization at all. If there is an item in your nonkeeper pile that is practically brand new and you think you may be able to wrangle a little extra cash out of it, try the last step.

Resale – Many items that came out of your closet may not be your style anymore, but they will definitely be someone else’s! If you have an item(s) in your “toss” pile that is in great shape but you just aren’t fond of anymore, you may be able to sell it and get some extra cash! Now what’s not to love about that? I have been reselling items from my closet for years and have probably earned at least $150 a year for them. That’s not much, but it’s something!! There are, however, a few rules for knowing what is possible consignment material and what is not. For instance, do not take anything that is torn, stained, faded, or in other disrepair. Only items that look new and unworn will be accepted. It is also nice to take the items to the resale shop either hanging or folded nicely.

Remember that the above actions will apply to any and every room that you organize. So start eliminating!

Rules Of The Road – CB Style

CB radios are the most prominent way that trucking companies keep in contact with their trucks on the road. Truckers depend on this way of communication not only for their livelihood, but also to pass the time on those lonely roads in the dead of night.

However, with CB radios come a few guidelines as well as warnings for usage. At one time, the airwaves were monitored diligently, but as more and more CB users, in trucks and passenger vehicles, hit the roads, that task became near to impossible. So, the Golden Rule applies somewhat to CB usage. You treat others on the airwaves as you would like to be treated.

Think before you speak. Wouldn’t everyone benefit from this advice? Seriously, truckers and trucking companies are not the only ones that use CB radios. Many people utilize the CB airwaves every day from police officers and peace keepers to the normal, average person. That means even children could be listening. So watch your words and avoid excessive or foul language. What you say is a reflection on not only you, but the trucking company you represent.

Don’t get taken for a ride. There are numerous people on the airwaves and some have a dozen sob stories to fit the conversation at hand. Others have a really “great deal” on some merchandise and would you be interested? Then there are those that want to meet you somewhere to “get to know you better.” Be careful of those situations, because more often than not, there is trouble. Use your common sense and don’t believe everything you hear.

Use the CB radio wisely. CB radios are useful tools for truckers, travelers and trucking companies. When you see an accident on the road, the CB can be used to alert the proper authorities in case someone needs medical attention. Truckers benefit from reported traffic problems by altering their route to avoid any delays. CB radios have also kept many truck drivers awake on the road too.

For the most part, you have to worry only about yourself when it comes to the CB radio – the Golden Rule and all that! Take it for what it is – a handy tool that is needed for you to carry on with your job. Remember too that you represent your trucking company out there on the road, so be cognizant of that every time you use the CB radio.

Organize and Clean – But Some Things Are Keepers

I have learned that you don’t have to toss it all out. One of the best rewards of decluttering is when the stuff is gone, you can really enjoy the “keepers”. It does not take boxes of reminders to preserve the memories.

I have been travelling a lot lately as I attend seminars to learn how to best share my passion with my readers. I take bits of reminders with me when I travel from home. I keep a tiny cross in my purse that was given to me by my daughter. Any time I reach into my billfold, I am reminded of her and the love she sends with me. In my suitcase, I carry a reminder of a dear friend who taught me how to love others for who they are. When I see that reminder, I am reminded of how he always had a story to tell and a smile for others.

It is always nice to be able to remember that someone loves you and nothing says it like a little reminder. So not all stuff is a tosser.

I sometimes get the urge to dig deeper and search through a box that I have not noticed lately. Just this last weekend, I found a box of old sheet music. Inside was a student series from 1896. It was part of the piano course my friend must have taken when she was a child. She has passed away, but it was nice to take a quiet moment and just imagine what it must have been like when she was a child. I can just imagine her sitting at the keyboard and doing her scales and practicing, just like the students do now.

Some mementos are good to keep to document family history. If you know who the people are in the photos, take a minute label them for future generations. I have piles of pictures of family long ago and I have not been able to find anyone who can identify the people in them.

The photos are interesting to document the dress and styles of the time, but it would be fun to be able to link the photos with people and stories that have been documented by others.

Pictures, notes and special reminders are important to us. It is good to be loved and to love. So instead of keeping all the stuff, think through what is important and put that to the best use. Handling photos can be a bit tricky. Do you know why photos turn yellow in those paper envelopes? It is because the paper is not acid free and it causes damage over time.