Learning Styles and the Senses

Each person owns strength in one, two, three or all of the senses. Individuals may have an acute sense of hearing and others may have a discriminating sense of taste. Some are very aware of the energies around them while others attend to the visual world. Many own several areas of strength. Differences in perceptual abilities help to account for different styles of learning.

When we learn, we first perceive. We “take in” material, whether that takes the form of text or of the world around us. Secondarily, we conceptualize. We work that material through our mind, first relating it to what we already know, and then figuring out some sort of meaning. Finally, we apply or express the material in some way. It is a building process, and all three steps need to be completed. We accomplish this process in differing ways because we have unique styles learning even if the basic process is similar.

We do not learn the same. We take in material in different ways, think it through differently, and then express that material uniquely in our own style. Although this is a simplified and rough division of styles, imagine that we tend towards perceiving material literally/verbally, kinesthetically, auditorily or visually.

An accountant would tend towards a literal style, as would a journalist. A gymnast, who has a strong awareness of body and energy, would be more of a kinesthetic processor, while a photographer takes in images or the visual world. Deaf individuals process communication visually and kinesthetically. Those individuals demonstrating empathy, often employ auditory and kinesthetic abilities.

How individuals express their learning depends on their predominant processing abilities and their comfortable expressing styles. These are not always the same. For example, Tim Howard, the exemplary keeper for the U.S. National Soccer Team, appears to own an acute kinesthetic perception of the motions and movements of the field and a formidably fast processing speed. He expresses his understanding in physically amazing saves and in verbally directing the team in very succinct verbal directives. There are many writers who own a literal awareness and process verbally, but when they express their thoughts, they imbue their words with visual, kinesthetic and empathic awareness.

There is no one right way. Even in school, where verbal perception and verbal expression is rewarded over other styles, one can still gain a college scholarship through learning skills displayed on playing fields. What is important is the understanding of how one learns, then processes, and finally expresses.

Why? Because when one understands and knows the unique processes of the self, and appreciates these qualities, then one can really work towards strength. Tim Howard might not make a good accountant, but he makes an amazing goalie.

Take what you do best and figure out how to make it really work. Utilize and rely on your unique abilities and then you will have much of the answers that you need to go forward.

Know how you understand the world and what your unique perception is, and then you can own the key to unlock your learning and to opening the next door.

Have King Headboards And Suit Your Style With Comfort

Life as we know it is full of pressure and anxiety we tend not to realize that spend almost half of our life lying on a bed, and that should be our time to rest and relax. But how can you do that when you don’t even have enough space for your whole body to fit in and stretch a little. Having your very own king-size bed will let you experience the feeling of relaxation and having king headboards might just add to enhance that feeling.

When you enter a bedroom, you always look at the bed first right? That’s the main reason why it’s called bedroom anyways. But when you see it and the bed looks plain, the room doesn’t attract you much even if it is a king-size bed. Now if you add an elegant looking king headboards even if the spread sheet of the bed is plain, your eyes will focus on the head board and your brain will imagine things you can do while sitting on that bed, like relax, read, watch movie or just talk to someone while sitting up on your bed.

There are many types and sizes of headboards you can choose from, depending on the size of your bed of course, but if you can afford a king size bed, why not have an extra king headboards to complete the scene.

There are people who want their bedroom decoration to be themed and have a positive aura for them. When choosing the type of king headboards you can choose the one that will match your bed room decors. You can also try to choose the one that can be useful to you like having a bookcase headboard, especially if you’re a bookworm or something like that. You can put your lamp on the flat surface of the headboard or rest your eyeglasses there before you go to sleep so in the morning it’s not something you have to find. Or you can also add some vault inside the headboard if you’re a little bit of a keeper specially if you have lots of valuable accessories and you’re the kind of person who just hires house keeper, king headboards could be a safe place for your things if you add a lock to it.

Bookcase headboard is not only good to suit your needs, it is also necessary if you want to save a little space, instead of putting up a lamp table at the sides of your bed, you can just disregard the table and rest the lamp on the bookcase king headboards.

Usually these types of headboards are made of wood because it does not make noise when something is banged against it plus the fact that woods make good home furnitures, though sometimes king headboards are made with the combination of wood and metal. Not only these headboards can add fashion it can also have different functionality.

If you are a person who takes comfort seriously more than your fashion sense, then you can choose to have king headboards that are covered with foam or leather, that way when you rest your head and back on the headboard you won’t feel any discomfort, even if you lay there for a little while. Unlike if you choose a plain wood or metal, every time you rest your head on it you have to be extra careful to make sure you don’t bang your head on the solid headboard that you have.

Classic Pieces That Never Go Out of Style

Fashion always changes and it’s very hard to keep up with it. You just bought a new pair of skinny jeans and the next thing you know, skinny jeans is out. That is the way with fashion and sometimes, we just end up going with the flow – or more like drowning in it.

So instead, try to go for classic pieces that never go out of style. These fashion pieces really give you the most bang for your buck and you could never go wrong with them. Classic Pieces You Must Have

The Little Black Dress

It has been said time and time again that the little black dress is something every girl should have. One can never go wrong with black and if you find a dress with a cut that suits your body type, then you know that it is a keeper. Black never goes out of style and the only thing that changes is the fabric. Stay with more neutral fabrics like satin or with a little bit of lace and try to keep away from velvet and other materials for they are seasonal and could easily be out of fashion. It is also easy to dress up or dress down a black dress. Wear a bright colored sweater or belt to add more fun to it or a nice sheer or soft shawl to add more drama and a little hint of romance.

The White Button Down Shirt

No matter the trend, white is a classic and a white button down shirt is a must-have. You can wear this casually with jeans or dress it up with tailored pants. You can choose to wear it over tank tops and keep it partially open. You can even wear a belt to cinch your waist and it would completely look modern and fun.

Black Skirt

You might think of black pencil skirts as boring but they really should be a staple in every girl’s closet. The black pencil skirt, preferably knee-length, is one of the most important pieces of clothing that you must have particularly at work. You might think it’s dull but paired with a nice fitting black blouse and killer heels, add a little dash of color like a skinny belt, and you will see that that outfit can always turn heads. Simple does not necessarily mean boring.

Black Slacks

Black slacks are your alternative to a black pencil skirt and are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. You can dress up black slacks on an evening out, you can wear it to work and you can even wear it to a funeral and it wouldn’t look out of place. Just make sure that you pick a neutral fabric because materials like corduroy or linen are easily phased out and depends more on what’s ‘au currant’.

Classic pieces are practical for they are not dictated by fashion which tends to be very fleeting and always changing. You can never go wrong with these classic pieces and in fact, you can even consider them as fool-proof. If you want to experiment more, then try building your closet from these classic pieces.

Lucky Peace Bag – Funky Styles, Gorgeous Bags

Lucky Peace Bag styles are among the most commonly looked-for bags for women in the Lucky Brand Collection. While many of the women’s handbags from Lucky Brand bear the peace symbol in one way or another, some of the bags bear them more prominently – and are some of the most colorful and stylish bags around!

Here is a general list of styles of Lucky Peace Bags that are among the “hot sellers” in the collection:

Messenger Bags – The Lucky Brand version of the messenger is quite sizable – larger than many messenger style bags, making them quite handy for carrying around large numbers or heavier items. The peace symbol on these bags is “living large” right on the side of the bag in leather trim. There are two basic colors available – an ecru/brown leather and a blue (with white designs) also with brown leather trim. These are named the “Peace Keeper” and quite rightly so.

Hobo Bags – One bag in particular stands out here, the “Brown Sugar” hobo. The version focused on here has a large peace symbol colorfully embroidered on the side of the bag.

Tote Bags – There are two tote bags that I have found that have a large bright “peace” message on them. One of them has it in the form of a symbol while the other has colorful patches with the words, “Hope”, “Peace” and “Love”.

Backpacks – One of the backpacks from Lucky Brand is called the “Heart Peace” bag. This backpack is quite charming with hearts and peace symbols all over the material – a great choice for younger ladies or simply ladies who love a colorful and bright look.

There are other Lucky Peace Bag styles to choose from, but the above comprises a list of the most looked for and boldest looks from Lucky Brand.