Rules Of The Road – CB Style

CB radios are the most prominent way that trucking companies keep in contact with their trucks on the road. Truckers depend on this way of communication not only for their livelihood, but also to pass the time on those lonely roads in the dead of night.

However, with CB radios come a few guidelines as well as warnings for usage. At one time, the airwaves were monitored diligently, but as more and more CB users, in trucks and passenger vehicles, hit the roads, that task became near to impossible. So, the Golden Rule applies somewhat to CB usage. You treat others on the airwaves as you would like to be treated.

Think before you speak. Wouldn’t everyone benefit from this advice? Seriously, truckers and trucking companies are not the only ones that use CB radios. Many people utilize the CB airwaves every day from police officers and peace keepers to the normal, average person. That means even children could be listening. So watch your words and avoid excessive or foul language. What you say is a reflection on not only you, but the trucking company you represent.

Don’t get taken for a ride. There are numerous people on the airwaves and some have a dozen sob stories to fit the conversation at hand. Others have a really “great deal” on some merchandise and would you be interested? Then there are those that want to meet you somewhere to “get to know you better.” Be careful of those situations, because more often than not, there is trouble. Use your common sense and don’t believe everything you hear.

Use the CB radio wisely. CB radios are useful tools for truckers, travelers and trucking companies. When you see an accident on the road, the CB can be used to alert the proper authorities in case someone needs medical attention. Truckers benefit from reported traffic problems by altering their route to avoid any delays. CB radios have also kept many truck drivers awake on the road too.

For the most part, you have to worry only about yourself when it comes to the CB radio – the Golden Rule and all that! Take it for what it is – a handy tool that is needed for you to carry on with your job. Remember too that you represent your trucking company out there on the road, so be cognizant of that every time you use the CB radio.