Style From the Inside Out

Welcome Spring! The daffodils and tulips are in bloom.

April showers. May flowers.

A new season of color, style and fashion crushes.

Floral dresses. Pastel handbags. Ballet flats, wedges, sparkly sandals. Sunglasses.

As the days get warmer, our hearts beat faster.

Your inner fashionista is calling you, “I must shop now”.

We can hardly contain ourselves.

But wait!

Before you run to Saks Fifth Avenue, your favorite online shopping site, or that new boutique in town, walk to your closet.

Open the door.

Take a peek inside.

How much room do you have in your closet for your new spring wardrobe?

Is there lots of wide-open space for your new things?

Or are your clothes and accessories jammed into every corner?

Consider this: before you make a beeline for the shoe department, first decide what to do with what is already there so you can make room for the new.

It’s time assess, purge and renew.

Feng shui expert, and best selling author of Feng Shui Your Life, Jayme Barrett tell us that if we want to bring more prosperity and freedom into our lives it is important to make room.

Clothes closets are the best place to begin to let go of what no longer works for us.

Spring is the best season to lighten up and start fresh.

Consider that the clothes closet is a metaphor for life. If it is filled to capacity how do you expect to bring new business, new love, more prosperity and joy into your life?

When you want to attract new opportunities you must make room.

Time to go into the closet.

Ask yourself, how many secrets does your closet hide? How many size 6 pants are you holding onto thinking that someday they may fit you, even though you are now a size 10?

What if you could let them go and be proud of who you are now?

Ask yourself, “Which of the items in this closet keep me stuck in a past that is over and done with?”

The task of closet cleaning may seem daunting at first but just like in your business the process is a snap if you have a plan and a strategy for success.

It begins with a decision to just do it.

Here are 7 spring closet clearing tips to get you started.

Start small. Review one section of your closet at a time.

Make Yes, No and Maybe piles. This gives you time to think about your decisions.

Tip: Work with your “No” pile first and decide what to donate or consign. I have worked with Linda’s Stuff luxury consignors on eBay with good success or check out your local consignment store. Just know that consignment stores want only items in new or nearly new condition, no stains, rips or missing buttons.

Linda’s Stuff picks up your package at no charge and from time to time you get a nice check that will pay for a new pair of shoes.

Items for donation can be given to your local Big Brothers/ Big Sisters and Vietnam Vets both will pick up which makes the process easy and convenient and you get a tax-deduction. Or let Linda’s Stuff help you to decide which items to donate, they will give you a tax receipt.

Take the time to try on your Yes and Maybe items to assess the fit and styling. Your goal is for you to have only clothes that fit and make you look and feel fabulous.

Consider that you might need help completing this step. Ask a trusted friend, family member or hire an image consultant to give you feedback to decide what stays or goes. If you are good at assessing what works and what does not then you can do this on your own.

Check both fit and style for each item. Does it pass the fabulous fit and style test? This includes shoes. If the items you try on are or who you are now, then the item is a keeper. But if the shoes are too tight and your suit is dated, time to donate or consign your items. Add them to the NO pile.

This is a good time to take note of which pieces you want to look for on your shopping trip. Which key pieces will you want to update your wardrobe?

How will the pieces you desire work with what you already own?

This step can help you to avoid purchasing the same pair of black pants over and over again.

Invoke the One-Year Rule-If you haven’t used it in a year or more get rid of it.

Time to let it go. Donate or consign. In either case someone else will make use of what is just taking up space in your closets.

Keep sentimental items. There should always be a place in your closet for those items that make you happy or have a fond memory attached to them, even if you don’t really wear them. This one can be tricky so be rigorous about deciding what qualifies as an item for this category. If you are not sure, put the item in the Maybe pile for review.

Organize and devise your dream closet. Sort through the Maybe pile one more time, then with the items you are keeping, sort out your wardrobe by color and style, pairing items that go with other items. Get shelving and rolling storage bins, create a space in which you will easily and effortlessly be able to find every item.

Congratulations! You have made room for your new spring wardrobe and created space for new good things to come into your life.

Happy shopping.