SUV – Taking Style to a New Level

I remember those days when I walked around in the neighborhood and got really excited when I saw a Buggy (even though it was ugly…). Remember? – Those days when seeing a Jeep Wrangler was less likely than having a Rolls Royce back into your driveway?

Remember that hideous, filthy thing driving down the road and hogging up both lanes? (More simply referred to as the Hummer)

Those days are OVER!

Today there are SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade & the Nissan Rogue… They are all beautiful SUVs!

Even the Hummer looks great today. It still looks brutal, but in a good way!

Personally, if judging by looks – the best SUV 2008 has to offer is without a doubt the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Have you seen it in Yellow? It looks amazing!

It’s white roof makes it look a bit like a Mini, but believe me – Nothing about this 239 horsepower, 4.0 liter v-6 engine SUV is Mini!

Basically, finding an ugly SUV is getting more and more difficult. The last knowing survivors of the ugly SUV era are counting the days until their better looking counterparts take over.

SUVs today are attracting more and more demographics… If once only a terrain-hungry male even thought of purchasing an SUV, today they are wanted by moms & teenagers around the globe..

But don’t make it look like they lost their ability to tear up the mountain – Todays SUVs are kings of the road, ambassadors of the dirt and keepers of the all might rough terrain – They are handling better than ever, they are just doing it in style.