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Tips for Choosing a Winter Wedding Dress

Although winter is not considered a wedding season, many couples prefer to legitimize their relationship precisely at this season. This situation is caused, in particular, by the presence of many “beautiful dates“, and the famous holiday, Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14. Winter wedding has its own peculiarities and is slightly different from summer one in terms of organization. One of the important elements in the preparation is the selection of the bridal dress suitable for this season.
Decorating Winter Bridal Gown

In the winter, you want to add a stylish elegant simplicity of gloss and chic. Choose a bridal gown and adorn it with fancy patterns from sparkling miniature stones or rhinestones, beads or sequins resembling a scattering of beautiful gentle snowflakes. Patterns can be laid out in strict geometric forms, and carelessly scattered around the dress, like flowery frosty patterns on frozen glass. If you want to appear at your wedding as a charming and beautiful Snow Queen, give preference to wedding dresses with lush multi-layered skirts, luxurious trim of stones, rhinestones, feathers. Satin, organza, brocade and other iridescent fabrics will add to glitz and royal chic. Do not forget about the regal bearing and dazzling smile!

Accessories for Winter Wedding Dress

In the winter the bride has in her arsenal not only a wedding dress, as designers offer a variety of options to look stylish and yet not freeze. A dazzling white fur coat, a charming fur clutch, and a warm fashionable cloak will look great against the background of winter landscapes. Those who want something more unusual can use patterned mittens and funny hats.

Color of Winter Bridal Gown

The color of the Snow Queen dress can be dazzling white, pearl or light blue. In this color scheme you will look elegant and solemn. You can choose a contrasting color, for example, a red, pink or golden dress. In addition, you can use bright contrasting accessories (belt, purse).

Design of the Dress

In the cold season, perhaps, a closed maxi-dress with long sleeves is more appropriate and convenient. This outfit can be diversified with elegant decoration, inserts from delicate lace, an interesting form of sleeves and collar. However, if you want to open your back, arms or neck, warm accessories that will warm you up at any temperature will be helpful.

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