What To Do With the “Non-Keepers”

One of the most important parts of organizing is the elimination process–deciding what you need and what you don’t need and then disposing of the unneeded properly. The items you need will go back in the space you are organizing, but what are you going to do with discarded items? Toss them in the trash? Recycle them? Donate them to a local non-profit organization? Take them to a resale shop? All of the aforementioned actions are possibilities, so read below to find out which one is best for you and the space you are organizing:

Toss – Any item that cannot be of use to someone else should be tossed or recycled. For instance, any items that are torn, broken, or stained would probably need to be tossed or recycled. Call your local recycling center to see what products they accept for recycling. If, however, the space you are organizing doesn’t contain any items suitable for recycling…consider the next step.

Donate – There are many non-profit organizations in your area that accept home and office furnishings such as towels, clothing, and equipment as donations. Call your favorite one to request a list of items they are accepting for donation right now. Just remember, that if any item is broken or torn beyond repair, it might not benefit the organization at all. If there is an item in your nonkeeper pile that is practically brand new and you think you may be able to wrangle a little extra cash out of it, try the last step.

Resale – Many items that came out of your closet may not be your style anymore, but they will definitely be someone else’s! If you have an item(s) in your “toss” pile that is in great shape but you just aren’t fond of anymore, you may be able to sell it and get some extra cash! Now what’s not to love about that? I have been reselling items from my closet for years and have probably earned at least $150 a year for them. That’s not much, but it’s something!! There are, however, a few rules for knowing what is possible consignment material and what is not. For instance, do not take anything that is torn, stained, faded, or in other disrepair. Only items that look new and unworn will be accepted. It is also nice to take the items to the resale shop either hanging or folded nicely.

Remember that the above actions will apply to any and every room that you organize. So start eliminating!